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Our chapter relies on volunteerism and donations. We need volunteers to:

  • URGENT NEED: Chapter Coordinator. Without the Coordinator, the chapter will not be able to continue. The position is administrative and coordinative, requiring about 20-40 hours a month, most of which is spent on email, social media monitoring, and ensuring the core volunteer group is supported. No sewing, quilting, or blanket-making skills required!

  • Make blankets in their home ("Blanketeer")

  • Plan and coordinate a blanket-making event or activity with a group. These can be virtual!

  • Pick up, inspect and label donated blankets

  • Deliver blankets to local organizations and hospitals

  • Coordinate or participate in Make a Blanket Days


If you don't sew or don't have the time, that's okay, you can still help our non-profit organization. 

Consider buying these needed items:

  • Fleece in 1.5 to 2 yard pieces in child/teen friendly prints

  • Flannel to make NICU blankets for the preemies in our local hospital

    • ​Each NICU blanket requires 2 squares of flannel about 44-45" each

    • We donate 90 NICU blankets every month!

  • New child/teen friendly cotton fabrics in lengths of 36" or greater
  • Cotton quilt batting such as low loft 'Warm & Natural'

    • 45" x 45" minimum

Some employers offer time off for volunteer activities or will match an employee's donation to a non-profit organization. Consider a donation to Project Linus or plan a group blanket-making event (we can provide a written acknowledgement, if needed).



In Kind:

  • URGENT NEED: climate controlled storage space such as an office or conference room to store our supply of completed blankets prior to distribution. They are currently stored at a volunteer's home.

  • Gift cards to fabric stores/quilt shops and office supply stores

  • Stamps

  • Fabric - our requested size and type are described in the left column. (If you have fabric to donate that doesn't meet our needs,  other organizations such as Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Dane County, local senior centers, church groups, and others may be able to use it. In addition, St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill accept fabric donations.)



Monetary donations are welcome and always needed to help with our ongoing expenses such as:

  • Satin labels. Project Linus National requires that ​​each blanket donated to a child include a satin label, sewn on the back of the blanket, that identifies it as a Project Linus blanket

  • Mailing labels​​, printing, etc.​

  • Event-related expenses

As a local chapter of Project Linus National, a non-profit 501(e) organization, 80% of our monetary donations are available for local use. National provides important services to each chapter, including insurance, accounting, and other essential functions to assist with effective chapter operation. Monetary donations can be made directly to National on our behalf (information is available at the above link), and should include a note that they are on behalf of the Madison, Wisconsin, chapter.

Note about donation acknowledgements: All donated blankets are logged, checked for quality and safety, and sorted by size. They are delivered once a month to recipient organizations to distribute. You may or may not receive a thank you due to available volunteer time, but please know that your donation is appreciated. If at any time you would like a donation acknowledgement, just email us with the number of items donated and where they were dropped off, and we will email an acknowledgement to you.

Donations can be dropped off at any of our donation locations.

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