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Blankets come in many colors, fabrics, shapes and sizes. Some are quilted, or made from flannel or fleece. All materials must be new, washable, and made in child or teen friendly colors or prints. More details below.

Please note this information regarding knitted or crocheted blankets, effective July 2019: We have learned that most area hospitals will no longer accept knit or crochet blankets. However, there are several organizations that still accept knit or crocheted blankets that meet size requirements, i.e., no less than 36" square, and that are made with a tight stitch or pattern.


Click the appropriate link below to download instructions for the No Sew Fleece blanket and NICU flannel isolette cover



Blanket Specifications

  • Blankets must be handmade without embellishments that could pose choking hazards.

  • Do not use recycled materials or wool.

  • Should be at least 36" x 36" for infants (small), 45" x 45" or 45" x 60" for older children (medium). Max size is about 54" x 72" (large) [we currently are most in need of smalls]

  • PLEASE NOTE: Knitted or crocheted blankets, while very beautiful, are difficult for some recipients to maintain, especially in a hospital or medical setting. As a result, we have limited ability to distribute knitted or crocheted blankets. Please see the note above for more information about size and style requirements for knitted or crocheted blankets.

Hints About No Sew Fleece Blankets

  • SINGLE LAYER PLEASE, per hospital requests.

  • For fringed fleece blankets, start with 1.5 yards of 54-60" wide fleece. "Minky" fleece is not easy to work with, so you may want to avoid it.

  • Trim off selvages. These are the curly long sides, thick rough looking with tiny holes and print. They are on the uncut sides of the fabric and must be removed.

  • Use a sharp scissors or rotary cutter. Cut fringe 4-5" long and about 3/4 to 1" wide across the top and bottom of the blanket ONLY. The wider the fringe, the harder to tie.

  • Tie each single piece of fringe with an overhand knot.

  • Double layer fleece blankets are too heavy for our recipients.

    • Create 2 single layer blankets for the cost of 1 double.

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